IBAVI Togores

Ideas competition _ 1st Prize _ 30+8 social housing apartments in Palma, Mallorca.
30+8 apartments and 30 parking lots in J. Togores street, in Olivera district promoted by IBAVI (Balearic Housing Institute).

Sallares Deu

Restricted competition _ 2nd Prize _ Sallarés Deu industrial complex renovation in Sabadell, Barcelona.
New center for social and technological innovation promoted by Sabadell City Council.

Equipament Illa Q

Restricted competition _ 4th Prize _ Mixed use public building in Nou Barris, Barcelona.
Social service center, neighbourhood association and day center for the elderly promoted by BIMSA.

CEM La Sagrera

Restricted competition _ 4th Prize _ La Sagrera sport centre in Sant Andreu, Barcelona.
Exterior swimming pool, fitness rooms and paddle tennis courts promoted by BIMSA.


Construction start _ 108 social housing apartments in La Marina de la Zona Franca, Barcelona.
108 social housing apartments, commercial areas and parking in Ulldecona street promoted by IMHAB (Institut Municipal de l’Habitatge de Barcelona (with Pau Vidal and Arquitectura Produccions).

El Local

Restricted competition _ 5th Prize _ Cultural centre “El Local” in Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona.
Renovation and extension of the cultural centre “El Local” promoted by Sant Pere de Ribes City Council.


Construction start _ 32 cooperative housing apartments in La Marina de la Zona Franca, Barcelona.
32 cooperative housing apartments and community spaces in Ulldecona street promoted by LLar Jove SCCL (with Pau Vidal).


Restricted competition _ 2º Prize _ Teixonera’s brick klin renovation into social center, Barcelona.
Renovation of the old brick klin Teixonera into a social center in Vall d’Hebron, promoted by BIMSA (with Arderiu & Morató).

St Vicenç Torelló

Ideas competition _ 3rd Prize _ Day care centre in Sant Vicenç de Torelló, Barcelona.
Day care centre and residence for the elderly promoted by Sant Vicenç de Torelló City Council.

Sant Bernat

Restricted competition _ 4º Prize _ Music school in Raval, Barcelona.
Renovation for a new music school in Raval promoted by BIMSA (with Arderiu & Morató).