IBAVI Togores

Ideas competition _ 1st Prize _ 30+8 social housing apartments in Palma, Mallorca.
30+8 apartments and 30 parking lots in J. Togores street, in Olivera district promoted by IBAVI (Balearic Housing Institute).

Sallares Deu

Restricted competition _ 2nd Prize _ Sallarés Deu industrial complex renovation in Sabadell, Barcelona.
New center for social and technological innovation promoted by Sabadell City Council.

Equipament Illa Q

Restricted competition _ 4th Prize _ Mixed use public building in Nou Barris, Barcelona.
Social service center, neighbourhood association and day center for the elderly promoted by BIMSA.

CEM La Sagrera

Restricted competition _ 4th Prize _ La Sagrera sport centre in Sant Andreu, Barcelona.
Exterior swimming pool, fitness rooms and paddle tennis courts promoted by BIMSA.