48H Open House Cal Ciso

Visit_ 48H Open House BCN Festival
Vivas Arquitectos present at the 48H Open House Barcelona 2023 Festival with the social housing apartments in La Marina de la Zona Franca. Guided tour on Sunday, October 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Carrer de Cal Cisó 49-59.


Publication_ Bauwelt “Moderne Moderne”.
Building of 32 ‘La Chalmeta’ cooperative housing units in the Marina del Prat Vermell, Barcelona.

Where We Grow Older CCA

Documentary_ “Where We Grow Older” Canadian Centre for Architecture
The Fort Pienc housing for the elderly and temporary housing units are the protagonists of the documentary Where We Grow Older at the Arquiteturas Film Festival 2023 in Porto.

Detail Barcelona

Publication_ Detail “Barcelona. Urban Architecture and Community Since 2010”.
Compilation of architecture and urban planning projects built in Barcelona since 2010, with the participation of the 32 cooperative housing building ‘La Chalmeta’.

Premios BEAU

Finalist Award _ BEAU XVI Awards.
Building of 32 cooperative housing units ‘La Chalmeta’. Finalist of the XVI Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in the category of ‘new programs’.


Conference and discussion _ “Innovative Experiences in Social Housing in Europe” Social Housing Festival (ISHF).
Vivas Arquitectos shares its most recent experiences in social housing; organized by the Institut Català del Sòl (INCASOL).


Publication_ “Cohabitatge a Barcelona. Arquitectura des de / per la comunitat”.
Compilation of cooperative housing projects in Barcelona with the participation of the 32 cooperative housing units building ‘La Chalmeta’.

Paisatges Habitacionals AMB

Exhibition _ “Paisatges Habitacionals. Una mirada inclusiva i projectiva a l’habitatge col·lectiu a Catalunya”.
Presentation of the habitational landscapes created in the proposals of the IMPSOL competitions, in the Mercè Sala space (connecting lobby of lines L3 and L5 of Diagonal station). From June 7 to August 25.

Congrés d’Arquitectura i Salut.

Conference and discussion _ Towards healthy, decarbonized and circular buildings” VII Congrés d’Arquitectura i Salut.
Vivas Arquitectos shares their most recent experiences with natural materials in public buildings; co-organized by the Grouping of Architecture and Sustainability and the Association of Geobiological Studies GEA.

Casernes J

Construction start_ Industrialized social housing Block J in the Casernes of Sant Andreu, Barcelona.
Construction of 56 apartments, promoted by the IMHAB (with Exe Arquitectura + Constructora del Cardoner + Certis, Obres i Serveis).