Vivienda insdustrializada

Exhibition _ “Industrialised housing. Building a more flexible and efficient housing model for Barcelona”.
Presentation of industrialised social housing in Carrer Marroc. Exhibition opening on Friday 16 December 2022 at the ground floor of APROP housing, located at 22 Irena Sendler Street.

Covivienda cooperariva

Exhibition _ “Cooperative housing. Living in community in the housing cooperatives in Barcelona.”
Presentation of the La Chalmeta cooperative housing block as one of the 19 cooperative housing experiences ongoing in Barcelona. Exhibition opening on Friday 16 December 2022 at the ground floor of the APROP accommodation, located at 22 Irena Sendler Street.

Seminario Monterrey

Conference_ Collective Housing Seminar, Tecnológico de Monterrey.
Vivas arquitectos presents their collective housing projects at the School of Architecture, Industrial Design and Art at the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Pabellón Meridiana Sud

Restricted competition_1st Prize_Sports Center PAV-3 Meridiana Sud, Barcelona.
New park and Sports Pavilion in Sant Martí district promoted by BIMSA (with Elena Valls and Pep Buxadé).

Roca Gallery

Panel discussion _ Barcelona as a change agent, Urbanism and social Housing. Affordable Housing Activation event, UIA International Forum in Roca Barcelona Gallery.
Vivas arquitectos in panel discussion together with Straddle 3, Peris+Toral, Carme Trilla (OMH) and Oriol Clos (UN -Habitat).

Glòries inicio obra

Construction start_“Block C – Illa Glòries”: Residential building in Glorias Square, Barcelona.
Construction of 67 social housing apartments between Gran Vía, Castillejos, Caspe and Cartagena streets, promoted by IMHAB (with Pau Vidal).