Cister inicio obra

Construction start_ Emergency housing building for homeless people in Sant Gervasi, Barcelona.
Emergency housing building with 100 beds and outdoor spaces, promoted by BIMSA.


Design and construction competition_1st Prize_Industrialized social housing in Carrer Marroc, Barcelona.
45 apartments, promoted by IMHAB (with Exe Arquitectura+ Avintia Proyectos y Construcciones + Constructora del Cardoner).


Restricted competition_2nd Prize_New Regional Technical building in Sant Fruitós del Bages, Barcelona.
Regional Fire Department building, promoted by Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya.


Restricted competition_2nd Prize_Social Services Center in the Myrurgia block, Barcelona.
New local facilities building in Eixample district, promoted by BIMSA.

Espais ocults

Selected building _ La Chalmeta Cooperative Housing Block in the project “Espais Ocults”, Barcelona.
Series “Espais Ocults” 48H Open House during the Architecture Week 2021, showing the city transformation through guided tours of buildings under construction.

La Vanguardia Ali Bei

Publication _ La Vanguardia “Habitar la pell de l’edifici”.
Architectural critique by Llàtzer Moix on the housing for the elderly and temporary accommodation in Fort Pienc, Barcelona.

Habitar altrament

Exhibition and Pecha Kucha _ “Living alternatively, the Borda Experience and the new cooperatives”.
Presentation of the La Chalmeta cooperative housing block and panel discussion.

Togores inicio obra

Construction start_Social housing in Palma, Mallorca.
30+8 apartments, 30 parking lots in J.Togores street, in Olivera district promoted by IBAVI (Balearic Housing Institute).

Guardia urbana

Restricted competition_3rd Prize_New Urban Police Station, Barcelona.
Territorial Police Station (unit 9) in Sant Andreu district, promoted by BIMSA (with Coll-Barreu arquitectos).