cohousing marina

Open competition _ 1st Prize _ “Cohousing” Llar Jove SCCL.
Vivas Arquitectos is part of Llar Jove SCCL housing cooperative, winner of a competition for 32 apartments under a grant of use in Ulldecona st. 98 in La Marina de la Zona Franca, organized by the City Council of Barcelona (with Pau Vidal).

residencia portol

Ideas competition _ Second Prize _ Residential care home in Pòrtol, Marratxí, Mallorca.
Building for a residential care home with 100 units, organized by the Socialsanitary and Assistance Consortium of the Balearic Islands (with Pau Vidal).

Illa Glòries

Ideas competition _ First Prize _ “Block C – Illa Glòries”. Housing building in Glories Square, Barcelona.
Winners of block C for the construction of 80 housing units between Gran Vía, Castillejos, Caspe and Cartagena streets, organized by the City Council of Barcelona (with Pau Vidal)

El Mundo tendencias

Publication _ El Mundo Catalunya newspaper, cultural supplement.
“Essential architecture. New housing projects, new concepts.” Report on the office trajectory and projects.

expo 40 under 40 Athens

Exhibition _ “Europe 40 under 40”.
Opening of the exhibition entitled “Europe 40 under 40” on February 24th of 2017 at 19:00hrs, at the Contemporary Space Athens, Mitropoleos 74, Plaka, Athens.

Europe 40 Under 40

Award _ “Europe 40 Under 40” 2016.
Vivas Arquitectos has been selected by the European Centre of Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Atheneum: Museum of Architecture and Design, as one of the 40 most promising and emerging architects and designers in Europe for 2016.