El Local

Restricted competition _ 5th Prize _ Cultural centre “El Local” in Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona.
Renovation and extension of the cultural centre “El Local” promoted by Sant Pere de Ribes City Council.


Construction start _ 32 cooperative housing apartments in La Marina de la Zona Franca, Barcelona.
32 cooperative housing apartments and community spaces in Ulldecona street promoted by LLar Jove SCCL (with Pau Vidal).


Restricted competition _ 2º Prize _ Teixonera’s brick klin renovation into social center, Barcelona.
Renovation of the old brick klin Teixonera into a social center in Vall d’Hebron, promoted by BIMSA (with Arderiu & Morató).

St Vicenç Torelló

Ideas competition _ 3rd Prize _ Day care centre in Sant Vicenç de Torelló, Barcelona.
Day care centre and residence for the elderly promoted by Sant Vicenç de Torelló City Council.

Sant Bernat

Restricted competition _ 4º Prize _ Music school in Raval, Barcelona.
Renovation for a new music school in Raval promoted by BIMSA (with Arderiu & Morató).


Restricted competition _ 2º Prize _ Social centre in Sants, Barcelona.
Renovation for a social center in Sants, promoted by BIMSA (with Arderiu & Morató).

Innovacion vivienda

Publication _ Innovation in affordable housing Barcelona 2015-2018. Analysis of the housing policies promoted by Barcelona’s City Council that includes four social housing projects under development by Vivas Arquitectos.

creative awards

Award _ The Creative Awards.
Vivas Arquitectos has been awarded with The Creative Awards 2018 in Architecture category together with Pau Vidal. The awards ceremony will take place during The Creative Fest in the Antigua Fábrica Damm.

via favencia

Restricted competition_First Prize_ Social housing in Via Favència, Barcelona
120 social housing units in Via Favència organized by the City Council of Barcelona (with Pau Vidal y Arquitectura Produccions)

sta caterina

Ideas competition _ 5th Prize _ Social centre for the elderly and accomodations in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona.
Social centre for the elderly, accomodations and collective services in Ciutat Vella, organized Barcelona’s Infrastructure Municipality (with Pau Vidal).